Sunday, February 21, 2010


I had dinner with friends last night. The subject of family reunions came up. Deb mentioned how family reunions just aren't the same anymore. There was a time when you looked forward to gatherings of family where mom brought the homemade noodles, Aunt Julie brought the scratch chocolate cake, and sister Barb brought her yummy mashed potatoes. My friend Jenny then laughed, saying how family reunions now gather around big buckets of store-bought chicken, cakes from the frozen food section of the grocery, and overcooked vegetables from the deli.  Ah, the good old days when we shared homemade foods and recipes. But in this economy there lurks a glimmer of hope. When I came home from the dinner with my friends, there was a note on Facebook from my workaholic daughter. She was talking about putting a garden in this spring, growing vegetables and learning how to can and freeze them. My goodness! I was thrilled beyond belief. Maybe this is one of those "What goes around, comes around" sort of things. A kind of Less is More thing where our children will bring back the art of cooking and loving the preparation of foods to be shared with family.

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  1. How fun to read your post this morning. And hurrah for Stef. I believe that what we've instilled in our kiddies did take - it's just now sprouting. And it's never too late. Like beans that come up late.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. We're going to Hillsboro to get our boy this morning - he's excited and so are we. Like little kids getting a Christmas toy. Blessings...