Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm laughing, because I went on my follow blogger (Debra@Life is a Stitch and other random thoughts) Deb has watched so much of the Olympics, she's not getting enough sleep. If you get a chance, go on her blog. We all need a laugh this time of year. Actually, her last photo on the blog looks exactly like me at the moment. I've been editing my manuscript so much that the dark circles under my eyes are beginning to have dark circles. Good job, Deb. You hit my laugh nerve this morning.

Debra is a serious quilter. When she talks about the process of creating a new quilt, I know exactly what she is talking about (I'm not a quilter - I can barely thread a needle). But it always amazes me that the creative process is the same for everyone, whether it be writing novels, quilting, throwing clay, even making bread. It's all about finding the right materials or ingredients and putting lots of love into the PROCESS of creation. Fiction needs characters, plot, and setting. A writer's materials consist of computers, reams of paper, pencils, and a brain that can focus on stringing (or in quilter's language: piecing) words together into paragraphs and paragraphs into chapters. What is that old saying: Nothing worth doing right, comes easy. So I'll wear my racoon eyes with pride and continue editing. Thank you Debra for the inspiration this morning.


  1. Sherry, it's so true - Dark circles: wear them proudly!


  2. So true about writing and piecing a quilt. I love both. Spent yesterday on the article for the PD. Almost finished. Having fun with grandson. For some reason not sleeping much. Not good. Good luck going through the novel.

  3. I wonder how many under eye concealers I have used in the past 40 years. I bet it is staggering!