Wednesday, December 14, 2011


When we were kids, my sister and I shared a bedroom. I remember being scared of the dark, and every night my sister would reassure me that monsters did not live under my bed. Her side of the bedroom was always immaculate; my side not so immaculate with clothes thrown helter skelter. And under my bed you might find a zillion dust bunnies, along with four or five shriveled apple cores. With a great amount of envy I watched my sister go to her first homecoming dance in a sapphire blue wool sheath dress. She looked so beautiful and grown up in her first pair of high heeled shoes and pearl earrings. Upstairs, on her vanity table, I became mesmorized by the pastel strands of angora she used to wrap around her steady guy's class ring. And I absolutely fell in love with all the pretty bottles of perfume, nail polish and makeup that I knew I'd better not touch, because somehow, she always knew if I did. Later, I was maid of honor in her wedding. We both grew apart. It took me a few decades to finally realize just how close a sister will always remain in your heart. P.S. If per chance my sister is reading this, I'm sorry for borrowing your favorite blouse in 1967, and then accidentally spilling grape juice on it before hanging it back in your closet. Oh well, the thing about sisters is . . . they always forgive you.
Sherry Hartzler
Author of Three Moons Over Sedona and Island Passage
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Place to Contemplate and Meditate

I'm a big believer in finding a place inside yourself each and every day, a place where time does not exist, a place where you can clear your mind and let your soul energize the physical self. This "place" can be anywhere you choose to go, because your mind is capable of conjuring up anything as real as anywhere you can travel to. Believe it/Receive it. Now, if you are curious about where this photo was taken, I'll tell you. The above charming cottage (in reality, a potting shed, but, just the same, doesn't it remind you of something straight out of a fairytale?) is on the property of a friend of mine. In 1992, Bobbi and Bruce Bishop created Lilyfest, an annual three-day gathering of artisans in Hocking County, Ohio. This must-see event now hosts as many as 8,000 visitors. Each spring Lilyfest volunteers converge on the grounds to tend the many beds and make them stunningly beautiful for Lilyfest  While the "Lily" is celebrated at this event, it is the Hosta that reigns as the lush background for the majestic lily. By the second weekend in July, the gardens are simply spectacular, ready for the public to walk through the many paths and purchase a variety of local artwork. To walk in the Bishop Gardens is like a walk through heaven. Food for the soul.
Sherry Hartzler
Author of Three Moons Over Sedona and Island Passage
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Easy Christmas Treats

As writers, we find the holidays a bit overwhelming, keeping up with daily pages, gathering presents together for family and friends, not to mention making treats for all the little parties that extend into the new year. Well, this morning, I have a treat for  you, something easy that looks great on a party tray and easy as pie (not that pies are easy to bake - never did understand that cliche'). Nonetheless, here it is:

pretzels (the little ones, not the regular sized)
Rollo candies
pecan halves

Lay out the pretzels on parchment paper, put a Rollo candy on top. Put into a 350 deg. oven for only two minutes. Take them out, push a pecan into the center of each pretzel-candy. Let them cool. They are beautiful and taste so scrumptious!

Now, for a twist (no pun intended) on this same pretzel-candy recipe. Instead of Rollo candies, use miniature peppermint patties. Follow as above, putting the peppermint patties on the pretzels. Warm for two minutes in a 350 deg. oven. Take out of oven and gently push the pecan half into the center of each pretzel-candy. At first taste, I found the peppermint and pecan a bit bland. So, being a great fan of salty and sweet, I sprinkled just a bit of Kosher salt on top of each patty. Amazing different taste. .

Have fun! And if you find any other great variations of quick and easy snack, please let me know.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Living a Good Life

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." Anonymous

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Tribute to Daughters Everywhere

As a writer of women's fiction, novels for and about women, this morning I want to acknowledge daughters. As babies we held them in our arms, seeing in those little faces a new and improved model of ourselves. We knew, without a doubt, they were much much smarter than we ever were. We encouraged them to be individuals. We watched them grow into strong women with strong ideas. As mothers, we love them as not only a part of ourselves, but as a bright and shining hope for the future of a world that could use lots of mothering influence.
Sherry Hartzler, author of
Three Moons Over Sedona
Island Passage
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Kitchen Windows

I love kitchen windows. Don't you? Doing dishes and letting your eyes wander outside, admiring the garden, or watching the hummingbirds as they dive the feeder hanging on the porch...or, best of all, taking delight in your children or grandchildren playing in the backyard. Just being kids. A time for reflection, a time for hope and dreams. Ah, I love kitchen windows.
Three Moons Over Sedona
Island Passage
Author: Sherry Hartzler
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