Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ankle is healing, and hopefully everything will mend properly. It's hell getting old! BUT I'm a hard-headed mule, so I'll need to do what needs to be done to get back on both feet again. And speaking of old (as in old news), I'll let you know that ISLAND PASSAGE will finally be going to the publisher in another two weeks. I'm excited about getting it out of my hair, and then I'll be free to start on the next project. The most valuable lesson this hard-headed mule has learned from writing a second book is that life is a neverending learning process. AND nothing is ever gained from expending valuable energy on whining, rationalizing, or self-criticism. Growth, at times, can be downright perilous; refuse to wither in a drought of self-doubt.

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  1. I'm so happy you're feeling somewhat better. I could tell yesterday that you were.
    It's true that sometimes we get so mule headed we can't see where we're really heading.

    Right now you're heading in the right direction and I'm so proud of you and the hard work you've done. It's apparent in the new novel, ISLAND PASSAGE. Can't wait to see it between covers of a book. Love ya, B