Sunday, March 20, 2011

GASOLINE AT 6.75 CENTS/gallon!!!

Three days a week, I go walking with a friend. This morning our walking conversation was about the price of gasoline. I got to thinking about an old photograph I'd stuck in the bottom drawer of my desk (do not know the year it was taken, although my guess would be somwhere in the 1930's). Now, take a look at these three people. I know for certain that the woman (far left) is my grandmother. The other two people I'm not sure who they are. Obiously, they are on some kind of road trip. I'm figuring this because the two women are wearing their go-to-town/church hats and most likely they wouldn't have wasted camera film on some ordinary outing. The gas pump  to the right in the photo looks a bit more of an antique than the one on the left with the old Marathon logo. Now, let your eyes wander up to the price of the gas (I'm hoping this shows up on my scan) The price of the gas is 6.75 CENTS/gallon!!! Is this not a hoot?! Can you just imagine what the three people in the photo would think if they pulled up to a pump today? I'm thinking they were pretty average Americans for the time, farm people, no doubt growing their own vegetables and most certainly didn't depend on the government to make up the difference. Television was still in the future and the idea of computers and the internet would've been something out of a science fiction novel. Their clothing was far from designer, And by the looks of the sweater and skirt worn by the woman in the middle, she got more than a few seasons' wear out of that outfit.

Now, back to my walking friend and this morning's conversation about gasoline prices. She told me that back in 1991, she drove a Honda CRX that got 60 miles to a gallon of gas!!! I said, "You've got to be kidding!" She then told me they no longer make the CRX. Why? Well, she didn't know, but she said it was the best car she'd ever driven.. it's 2011, and I ask you: "Why can't manufacturers design a car that gets 60 miles to a gallon of gas?? To get even close to that, we have to buy one of those ugly hybrids at a purchase price that would make the three people in the old photograph have simultaneous heart-attacks. Any thoughts?


  1. Photo is great. Wonderful to have such a photo of your grandma.
    Good topic too as gas prices consumes R's thoughts when we pass a gas pump.
    I agree. Why can't the govt. or some bright person come up with a car that gets better gas mileage.
    For now we are just thankful that we can keep the car going that we have and pray that will continue.
    Missed reading your posts. Love reading vintage Sherry.
    Blessings, B

  2. Thanks Barb, isn't that photo precious! I love it.

  3. My current vehicle, a 2001 Toyota Corolla, gets about 40 miles to the gallon. My previous, 1991 Toyota Corolla, also got around 40.I drove it 229,000 miles, bought it new. My standard transmission Mitsubishi I had in the 1980s got 50 miles to the gallon. I drove it over 200,000 miles. I drive mid-size cars. All of these vehicles had front wheel drive and I never had difficulty driving in inclimate weather. There are higher mileage cars out there, but Americans seem to choose to drive gas hogs (granted, some have to for their line of work). Like many other things there are choices.