Sunday, January 1, 2012


Okay, it's a new year. I'm saying goodbye to all the chocolates, cookies, cakes and other tempting desserts that have put my blood sugar into a spiraling frenzy. Not to mention the extra two pounds to be shoved into my jeans and zipped up. I've long ago given up on new year's resolutions. They don't work, not really. I've found that bad habits usually follow you around like spoiled children, always wanting what they want, when they want it. So, this year, I've started something new, not really a resolution at all. This year I will not commit to anything that involves a second thought. I'll do what I can to be the best person I can be, eat the best foods for my body and mostly be kind to others. Hmmm that cheesecake in the photo was mighty good. Perhaps my commitment to not commit will be the best-kept resolution ever. As for the treats. well now, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I can smell the chocolate now! My favorite: chocolate covered cherries.

Also want to thank everyone for all the wonderful December sales on Amazon Kindle - Happy New Year!
Sherry Hartzler, Author of
Three Moons Over Sedona
Island Passage.

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  1. Love the photo,yum cheesecake. No, said pancreas!!!
    I also love choc covered cheeries. One of my faves.
    I just ordered I CAN DO THIS DIET, used on Abe Books. Very cheap. It's all about balance. I heard Dr. Don Colbert speak this morning on a Christian station. Sounds like it has lots of info I've never heard before. I'm doing it for the nutrition advice. Might be worth a try for you as inexpensive as it is. Just a few bucks plus postage. I got two. One was four bucks total.
    Off here now to get myself together to start this new year right. Love ya, B