Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Place to Contemplate and Meditate

I'm a big believer in finding a place inside yourself each and every day, a place where time does not exist, a place where you can clear your mind and let your soul energize the physical self. This "place" can be anywhere you choose to go, because your mind is capable of conjuring up anything as real as anywhere you can travel to. Believe it/Receive it. Now, if you are curious about where this photo was taken, I'll tell you. The above charming cottage (in reality, a potting shed, but, just the same, doesn't it remind you of something straight out of a fairytale?) is on the property of a friend of mine. In 1992, Bobbi and Bruce Bishop created Lilyfest, an annual three-day gathering of artisans in Hocking County, Ohio. This must-see event now hosts as many as 8,000 visitors. Each spring Lilyfest volunteers converge on the grounds to tend the many beds and make them stunningly beautiful for Lilyfest www.lilyfest.com  While the "Lily" is celebrated at this event, it is the Hosta that reigns as the lush background for the majestic lily. By the second weekend in July, the gardens are simply spectacular, ready for the public to walk through the many paths and purchase a variety of local artwork. To walk in the Bishop Gardens is like a walk through heaven. Food for the soul.
Sherry Hartzler
Author of Three Moons Over Sedona and Island Passage
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  1. I love the potting shed and would love to come to Lilyfest next year. It sounds beautiful.
    Thanks for this photo and the reminder that we can find our very own potting shed - a place inside ourselves to meditate. Blessings.