Sunday, July 11, 2010


Contact Author at Books Available: Well Red Coyote in Sedona, AZ - Beehive Books in Delaware, Ohio - Antigone Books in Tucson, AZ - Old Livery Mercantile in Wickenburg, Az - Great Expectations in Logan, Ohio - Scenic Way Gifts in Creola, Ohio - Inn at Cedar Falls in Logan, Ohio - Ridge Inn in Laurelville, Ohio - Logan Art Gallery, Logan, Ohio


  1. When I was at the Bowen House the other day, they were working at creating a gift shop in the room immediately to the right when you go in the entrance. They had a display of books by regional authors. You should put yours there. Linda Audet has books there.

  2. Sherry, guess who this is writing to you under a goofy pseudonym that I created for my online writer's group? I've known you since I was about 13. Stephanie and I have had a million sleepovers and I used to live in the suburbs of Creola in a big, blue house. You probably came to many of our early spring "greasy bread" celebrations (a hungarian tradition) - which is the impetus for my silly pseudonym. My sister just stayed in one of your cabins a few weeks ago and she was telling me all about your book and great cabins. So I googled you.Tee-hee!

  3. Emily! What a wonderful surprise! Yes, I've known you since you were 13, many times coming over for sleepovers with Steph! I miss you. Glad to see you are doing your writing. Always knew you had the talent for it. It was so nice catching up with Sarah. I hope when you are back up this way, you'll stop in and say hi! I'll bake you a batch of chocolate chip cookies. You girls always did love my cookies. And I still bake them most every week.
    Love you and please send love to your parents from us.